Tractor is a mainstream organic beverage company on a mission to remove harmful chemicals from the global food system. They're all organic, sustainably farmed, non-gmo, no chemicals. And the best part, they're making a difference where it matters most, with mainstream America who eat in casual fast food restaurants. 
The launch campaign brings to life the struggles of an everyday cup, looking to get filled up by something better than the ubiquitous 'big soda' brands that go out of their way to seem like they love him. Thankfully, he's able to fight them back and find Tractor.
Tractor sponsored the 2023 World Surf League Longboard Championship, and of course we made a custom surfboard to have on display.
The story of the board is a parallel to the story of the craft that goes into Tractor beverages. We worked with legendary surfboard maker Jose Barahonas, who takes the long way around shaping the board — all done by hand with curves and transitions cut by hand, to feel. The hand-laid artwork, color and glass results in a board that is as much a work of art as it is a revered wave-rider. This short film documents the build, made by Anna Wilder Burns. 

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