How can you hire someone who doesn't know you exist?
The objective of this live experience was to overcome an awareness gap with STEM students, making them aware of 3M and providing them a way to identify with the company so they could see themselves someday being a 3M scientist or engineer. Fart jokes are scientifically proven to work on this audience.

3M does a remarkable thing—they allow their scientist and engineers to use 15% of their work time to pursue personal discovery projects that can help make the world a better place. One such vehicle is the 3M Impact program, where volunteers get to use their skills, training, caring and corporate resources to address some of the world's tough challenges. 
Agile is gaining popularity as it promises to radically accelerate development time as well as break down current corporate barriers to decision-making and approvals. So projects go from 18-month development cycles to 12-weeks. It is remarkable what can be accomplished in these short windows, and to see the change in engagement from everyone who participates in the sprints or who leverages the assets created.
In 2018, I participated in six activations to develop complex marketing and communication materials—these were the first that involved an external agency partner and together we learned and fine-tuned the process to increase efficiency and outcomes.
Full experiences for these examples can be seen at 3M Automotive Electrification and 3M Structural Adhesives web pages.

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